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Tara McNulty, Strategic Partnerships Manager at YouTube Shopping, on the paradigm shift from traditional marketing to partnerships
JANUARY 23, 2024
After witnessing the digital transformation in the early 2010s through her work in retail, Tara McNulty made a career pivot to focus on the e-commerce and affiliate space. Today, she manages strategic partnerships at YouTube Shopping- a new program ...
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Jonathan Claydon, CDO at Acceleration Partners, on strategies for successful collaboration in the modern influencer landscape
DECEMBER 12, 2023
Jonathan Claydon is an affiliate and partnerships expert, having worked in the industry for years in a variety of niches. Today he is the Chief Development Officer at Acceleration Partners - the world's largest partner marketing agency. According to...
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Erin Dwyer, CMO of Matter of Fact, on the challenges of customer acquisition and building a beauty brand in a saturated space
NOVEMBER 28, 2023
Erin Dwyer is the CMO of Matter of Fact, a skincare brand started by former K-Pop star Paul Baek, and a former professional dancer herself. Erin draws on her experience as VP of Digital at Drunk Elephant and OUAI, to build a brand in today’s competi...
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Inez Miedema, Co-Founder and CEO at Growth HQ on accelerating growth through partner diversification
NOVEMBER 14, 2023
Growth HQ is an affiliate and partnerships agency that works with a diverse range of clients, from DTC to fintech. The co-founder and CEO, Inez Miedema, thinks a lot of marketers have preconceived notions about affiliate programs and therefore don’t...
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Stephanie Schultz, Head of Partnerships on how Amex has built the power of partnerships into their products
OCTOBER 31, 2023
Stephanie Schultz loves learning about new innovative technologies. It's a large part of the reason she’s stayed so long at American Express, where she is VP and Head of Partnerships. In her position, she gets to work with her team to uncover how ne...
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Jason Fairchild, CEO and Co-Founder of tvScientific, on the future of connected TV advertising
OCTOBER 17, 2023
When Jason Fairchild started tvScientific, he wanted to democratize access to TV advertising. Today, the company does just that by allowing marketers to run paid campaigns on connected TV, allowing organizations to unlock the power of streaming serv...
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Sagar Joshi, Director of Partnerships at Site Plug, on unique ad placement channels
OCTOBER 03, 2023
Join host Todd Crawford as he sits down with Sagar Joshi, Director of Partnerships at Site Plug. Site Plug is a bottom-of-the-funnel performance partner that helps brands drive performance with touch bases across a variety of search engines and webs...
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Dave Bolotsky, Founder of Uncommon Goods, on balancing people, planet and profit
SEPTEMBER 19, 2023
When Dave Bolotsky founded Uncommon Goods, he wanted to create something different. In his role as an e-commerce research analyst, he had seen a world of ‘sameness’ on the internet, and saw an opportunity to do something different. 25 years later, h...
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Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, on the future of AI and the power of building lasting relationships
SEPTEMBER 05, 2023
In this episode, Todd sits down with Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse and an affiliate marketing expert with two decades of experience. Lee-Ann has witnessed digital marketing transform from a few links into the powerhouse it is today and has...
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Chloe Wen, Content Creator, on working with brands, building an engaged audience, and maintaining a long-term vision for content
AUGUST 22, 2023
Welcome back to the Partnership Economy! In season four’s first episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Chloe Wen. Chloe is a content creator who has been posting content since 2015. Throughout her journey, Chloe has developed long-term vision for...
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