The Partnership Economy

The Partnership Economy explores the power of partnerships through candid conversations and stories with industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO and Todd Crawford, Co-founder, of, unpack the future of partnerships as a lever for scale and an opportunity to put the consumer first.

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Proving Value to the C-Suite with Kerry Curran, former Chief Growth Officer at Gen 3
APRIL 09, 2024
Welcome back to the Partnership Economy podcast! We‘re starting Season 5 off strong, welcoming Kerry Curran, the former Chief Growth Officer at Gen3 Marketing, the oldest and largest affiliate specialty agency in the world. Kerry is a veteran of the...
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The Partnership Economy is Back!
APRIL 02, 2024
Season 5 of The Partnership Economy is here! We’re diving right back into interviews with leaders from all sides of the ever-evolving partnerships industry and answering the question on every marketer’s mind - how do I reach the modern consumer? Join your hosts, Todd and Dave, on April 9th for...
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Tara McNulty, Strategic Partnerships Manager at YouTube Shopping, on the paradigm shift from traditional marketing to partnerships
JANUARY 23, 2024
After witnessing the digital transformation in the early 2010s through her work in retail, Tara McNulty made a career pivot to focus on the e-commerce and affiliate space. Today, she manages strategic partnerships at YouTube Shopping- a new program ...
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