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The Partnership Economy explores the power of partnerships through candid conversations and stories with industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO and Todd Crawford, Co-founder, of, unpack the future of partnerships as a lever for scale and an opportunity to put the consumer first.

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The Partnership Economy will be back soon with new episodes
JUNE 18, 2024
The Partnership Economy by is going on a brief hiatus, but we’ll be back soon with new episodes. Stay tuned for more great conversations with the industry’s best and brightest partnership experts.
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Aligning Partnerships Through a Shared Purpose with Dan Armstrong, EVP of Distributed Commerce at Ticketmaster
JUNE 04, 2024
In this episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Dan Armstrong, the EVP of Distributed Commerce at Ticketmaster. An expert on partnerships and eCommerce strategy, Dan has been driving real innovation in the live ticketing industry for a decade. He’...
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Why Consumers Buy Products from People, Not Brands with Jeanette Okwu, Managing Director at Scale Digital and CEO at Beyondinfluence
MAY 21, 2024
In this episode, host Todd Crawford dives into the creator economy with his guest Jeanette Okwu, the founder and CEO of Berlin-based creator marketing agency Beyondinfluence. Jeanette founded the influencer and brand ambassador marketing agency to h...
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