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The Partnership Economy explores the power of partnerships through candid conversations and stories with industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO and Todd Crawford, Co-founder, of, unpack the future of partnerships as a lever for scale and an opportunity to put the consumer first.

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Dave Bolotsky, Founder of Uncommon Goods, on balancing people, planet and profit
SEPTEMBER 19, 2023
When Dave Bolotsky founded Uncommon Goods, he wanted to create something different. In his role as an e-commerce research analyst, he had seen a world of ‘sameness’ on the internet, and saw an opportunity to do something different. 25 years later, h...
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Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, on the future of AI and the power of building lasting relationships
SEPTEMBER 05, 2023
In this episode, Todd sits down with Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse and an affiliate marketing expert with two decades of experience. Lee-Ann has witnessed digital marketing transform from a few links into the powerhouse it is today and has...
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Chloe Wen, Content Creator, on working with brands, building an engaged audience, and maintaining a long-term vision for content
AUGUST 22, 2023
Welcome back to the Partnership Economy! In season four’s first episode, host Dave Yovanno sits down with Chloe Wen. Chloe is a content creator who has been posting content since 2015. Throughout her journey, Chloe has developed long-term vision for...
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